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Company list ( = link to the company website, = inactive symbol):

131 Companies

  Symbol  Name  Market Cap  Sector Industry
Company WebsiteIAC Inactive SymbolIAC/InterActiveCorpN/ATechnologyInternet Services
Company WebsiteIART Inactive SymbolIntegra Lifesciences Holdings CorpN/AHealthcareMedical Equipment
Company WebsiteIBB Inactive SymboliShares NASDAQ Biotechnology Index (ETF)N/AFinancialsExchange Traded Funds
Company WebsiteIBCP Inactive SymbolIndependent Bank Corporation(MI)N/AFinancialsBanks
Company WebsiteIBKC Inactive SymbolIBERIABANK CorpN/AFinancialsCommercial Banks
IBKCO Inactive SymbolIBERIABANK Corporation - Depositary Shares Representing Series C Fixed to FloatingN/AN/AN/A
IBKCP Inactive SymbolIBERIABANK Corporation - Depositary Shares Representing Series B Fixed to FloatingN/AN/AN/A
Company WebsiteIBKR Inactive SymbolInteractive Brokers Group, Inc.N/AFinancialsFinancial & Commodity Market Operators
Company WebsiteIBOC Inactive SymbolInternational Bancshares CorpN/AFinancialsBanks
Company WebsiteIBTX Inactive SymbolIndependent Bank Group IncN/AFinancialsCommercial Banks
IBUY Inactive SymbolAmplify Online Retail ETFN/AN/AN/A
Company WebsiteICAD Inactive SymboliCAD IncN/ATechnologyComputer Hardware & Peripherals
Company WebsiteICBK Inactive SymbolCounty Bancorp IncN/AFinancialsBanks
Company WebsiteICCC Inactive SymbolImmuCell CorporationN/AHealthcareBiotechnology & Medical Research
Company WebsiteICFI Inactive SymbolICF International IncN/AIndustrialsBusiness Support Services
Company WebsiteICLD Inactive SymbolInterCloud Systems IncN/AN/AN/A
Company WebsiteICLN Inactive SymboliShares S&P Global Clean Energy Index FdN/AFinancialsExchange Traded Funds
Company WebsiteICLR Inactive SymbolICON PLCN/AHealthcareBiotechnology & Medical Research
Company WebsiteICON Inactive SymbolIconix Brand Group IncN/AConsumer CyclicalApparel & Accessories
Company WebsiteICPT Inactive SymbolIntercept Pharmaceuticals IncN/AHealthcareBio Therapeutic Drugs
Company WebsiteICUI Inactive SymbolICU Medical, IncorporatedN/AHealthcareMedical Equipment
Company WebsiteIDCC Inactive SymbolInterDigital, Inc.N/ATechnologyCommunications & Networking
IDLB Inactive SymbolPowerShares FTSE International Low Beta Equal Weight PortfolioN/AN/AN/A
Company WebsiteIDRA Inactive SymbolIdera Pharmaceuticals IncN/AHealthcareBiotechnology & Medical Research
Company WebsiteIDSA Inactive SymbolIndustrial Services of America, Inc.N/AIndustrialsWaste Management, Disposal & Recycling Services
Company WebsiteIDSY Inactive SymbolI.D. Systems, Inc.N/AIndustrialsCommunication & Satellite Equipment
Company WebsiteIDTI Inactive SymbolIntegrated Device Technology IncN/ATechnologySemiconductors
Company WebsiteIDXG Inactive SymbolInterpace Diagnostics Group IncN/AIndustrialsBusiness Support Services
Company WebsiteIDXX Inactive SymbolIDEXX Laboratories, Inc.N/AHealthcareVeterinary Drugs, Services, & Supplies
Company WebsiteIEP Inactive SymbolIcahn Enterprises LPN/AIndustrialsIndustrial Conglomerates
Company WebsiteIESC Inactive SymbolIES Holdings IncN/AIndustrialsConstruction & Engineering
IEUS Inactive SymboliShares MSCI Europe Small-Cap ETFN/AN/AN/A
IFEU Inactive SymboliShares FTSE EPRA/NAREIT Europe Index FundN/AN/AN/A
IFGL Inactive SymboliShares FTSE EPRA/NAREIT Global Real Estate ex-U.S. Index FundN/AN/AN/A
Company WebsiteIFON Inactive SymbolInfoSonics CorporationN/ATechnologyPhones & Handheld Devices
IFV Inactive SymbolFirst Trust Exchange Traded Fund VIN/AN/AN/A
Company WebsiteIGF Inactive SymboliShares S&P Global Infrastructure IndexN/AFinancialsExchange Traded Funds
Company WebsiteIGLD Inactive SymbolInternet Gold Golden Lines LtdN/ATelecommunications ServicesIntegrated Telecommunications Services
Company WebsiteIGOV Inactive SymboliShares S&P/Citigroup Intl Trsry BondN/AFinancialsExchange Traded Funds
Company WebsiteIII Inactive SymbolInformation Services Group, Inc.N/AIndustrialsBusiness Support Services
Company WebsiteIIIN Inactive SymbolInsteel Industries IncN/AIndustrialsWires & Cables
Company WebsiteIIJI Inactive SymbolInternet Initiative Japan Inc. (ADR)N/ATelecommunications ServicesInternet Service Providers
Company WebsiteIILG Inactive SymbolInterval Leisure Group, Inc.N/AConsumer CyclicalLeisure & Recreation
Company WebsiteIIN Inactive SymbolIntriCon CorporationN/AIndustrialsIndustrial Process Furnace & Ovens
Company WebsiteIIVI Inactive SymbolII-VI, Inc.N/ATechnologyElectronic Repair Services
Company WebsiteIKGH Inactive SymbolIao Kun Group Holding Co LtdN/AConsumer CyclicalCasinos & Gaming
Company WebsiteIKNX Inactive SymbolIKONICS CorporationN/ABasic MaterialsSpecialty Chemicals
Company WebsiteILMN Inactive SymbolIllumina, Inc.N/AHealthcareAdvanced Medical Equipment & Technology
Company WebsiteIMDZ Inactive SymbolImmune Design CorpN/AHealthcareBio Therapeutic Drugs
Company WebsiteIMGN Inactive SymbolImmunoGen, Inc.N/AHealthcareBiotechnology & Medical Research
Company WebsiteIMI Inactive SymbolIntermolecular IncN/ATechnologySemiconductors
Company WebsiteIMKTA Inactive SymbolIngles Markets, IncorporatedN/AConsumer Non-CyclicalSupermarkets & Convenience Stores
Company WebsiteIMMR Inactive SymbolImmersion CorporationN/ATechnologyComputer Hardware & Peripherals
Company WebsiteIMMU Inactive SymbolImmunomedics, Inc.N/AHealthcareBiotechnology & Medical Research
Company WebsiteIMMY Inactive SymbolImprimis Pharmaceuticals IncN/AHealthcareBio Therapeutic Drugs
Company WebsiteIMNP Inactive SymbolImmune Pharmaceuticals IncN/AHealthcarePharmaceuticals
Company WebsiteIMOS Inactive SymbolChipMOS Technologies (Bermuda) LtdN/ATechnologySemiconductor Equipment & Testing
Company WebsiteINAP Inactive SymbolInternap CorpN/ATechnologyIT Services & Consulting
Company WebsiteINBK Inactive SymbolFirst Internet BancorpN/AFinancialsBanks
Company WebsiteINCR Inactive SymbolINC Research Holdings IncN/AHealthcareBiotechnology & Medical Research
Company WebsiteINCY Inactive SymbolIncyte CorporationN/AHealthcareBiotechnology & Medical Research
Company WebsiteINDB Inactive SymbolIndependent Bank CorpN/AFinancialsCommercial Banks
Company WebsiteINDY Inactive SymboliShares S&P India Nifty 50 Index FundN/AFinancialsInvestment Trusts
Company WebsiteINFI Inactive SymbolInfinity Pharmaceuticals Inc.N/AHealthcareBiotechnology & Medical Research
Company WebsiteINFN Inactive SymbolInfinera Corp.N/ATechnologyCommunications & Networking
Company WebsiteINFO Inactive SymbolMarkit LtdN/AIndustrialsFinancial Information Providers
Company WebsiteINGN Inactive SymbolInogen IncN/AHealthcareMedical Equipment
Company WebsiteININ Inactive SymbolInteractive Intelligence Group IncN/ATechnologySoftware
Company WebsiteINNL Inactive SymbolInnocoll Holdings PLCN/AHealthcarePharmaceuticals
Company WebsiteINO Inactive SymbolInovio Pharmaceuticals IncN/AHealthcareBiotechnology & Medical Research
Company WebsiteINOD Inactive SymbolInnodata IncN/ATechnologyIT Services & Consulting
Company WebsiteINOV Inactive SymbolInovalon Holdings IncN/ATechnologyIT Services & Consulting
Company WebsiteINSM Inactive SymbolInsmed IncorporatedN/AHealthcareBio Therapeutic Drugs
Company WebsiteINSY Inactive SymbolInsys Therapeutics IncN/AHealthcareBio Therapeutic Drugs
Company WebsiteINTC Inactive SymbolIntel CorporationN/ATechnologySemiconductors
Company WebsiteINTG Inactive SymbolInterGroup CorpN/AFinancialsReal Estate Development & Operations
Company WebsiteINTL Inactive SymbolINTL Fcstone IncN/AFinancialsCorporate Financial Services
Company WebsiteINTU Inactive SymbolIntuit Inc.N/ATechnologyEnterprise Software
Company WebsiteINTX Inactive SymbolIntersections Inc.N/AIndustrialsBusiness Support Supplies
Company WebsiteINVA Inactive SymbolInnoviva IncN/AHealthcarePharmaceuticals
Company WebsiteINVE Inactive SymbolIdentiv IncN/ATechnologyComputer Hardware & Peripherals
Company WebsiteINVT Inactive SymbolInventergy Global IncN/ATechnologyPhones & Handheld Devices
Company WebsiteINWK Inactive SymbolInnerWorkings, Inc.N/AIndustrialsCommercial Printing Services
Company WebsiteIONS Inactive SymbolIonis Pharmaceuticals IncN/AHealthcareBiotechnology & Medical Research
Company WebsiteIOSP Inactive SymbolInnospec Inc.N/ABasic MaterialsSpecialty Chemicals
Company WebsiteIOTS Inactive SymbolAdesto Technologies CorpN/ATechnologyMemory Chips (RAM)
Company WebsiteIPAR Inactive SymbolInter Parfums, Inc.N/AConsumer Non-CyclicalCosmetics & Perfumes
Company WebsiteIPAS Inactive SymboliPass Inc.N/ATelecommunications ServicesWireless Telecommunications Services
Company WebsiteIPCC Inactive SymbolInfinity Property and Casualty Corp.N/AFinancialsInsurance - Automobile
Company WebsiteIPCI Inactive SymbolIntelliPharmaCeutics Intl Inc (USA)N/AHealthcarePharmaceuticals
Company WebsiteIPDN Inactive SymbolProfessional Diversity Network IncN/ATechnologyIT Services & Consulting
Company WebsiteIPGP Inactive SymbolIPG Photonics CorporationN/AIndustrialsElectronic Component
Company WebsiteIPHS Inactive SymbolInnophos Holdings, Inc.N/ABasic MaterialsCommodity Chemicals
IPKW Inactive SymbolPowerShares Exchange-Traded Fund Trust IIN/AN/AN/A
Company WebsiteIPWR Inactive SymbolIdeal Power IncN/AEnergyRenewable Energy Equipment & Services
Company WebsiteIPXL Inactive SymbolImpax Laboratories IncN/AHealthcarePharmaceuticals
Company WebsiteIQNT Inactive SymbolInteliquent IncN/ATelecommunications ServicesIntegrated Telecommunications Services
Company WebsiteIRBT Inactive SymboliRobot CorporationN/ATechnologyElectronic Equipment & Parts
Company WebsiteIRCP Inactive SymbolIRSA Propiedades Comerciales SA (ADR)N/AFinancialsRetail Real Estate Development
Company WebsiteIRDM Inactive SymbolIridium Communications IncN/ATelecommunications ServicesSatellite Service Operators
IRDMB Inactive SymbolIridium Communications Inc - 6.75% Series B Cumulative Perpetual Convertible Preferred StockN/AN/AN/A
Company WebsiteIRG Inactive SymbolIgnite Restaurant Group IncN/AConsumer CyclicalRestaurants & Bars
Company WebsiteIRIX Inactive SymbolIRIDEX CorporationN/AHealthcareAdvanced Medical Equipment & Technology
Company WebsiteIRMD Inactive SymbolIradimed CorpN/AHealthcareMedical Equipment
Company WebsiteIROQ Inactive SymbolIF Bancorp IncN/AFinancialsCommercial Banks
Company WebsiteIRWD Inactive SymbolIronwood Pharmaceuticals, Inc.N/AHealthcareBiotechnology & Medical Research
ISBC Inactive SymbolInvestors Bancorp, Inc.N/AN/AN/A
Company WebsiteISCA Inactive SymbolInternational Speedway CorpN/AConsumer CyclicalProfessional Sports Venues
Company WebsiteISHG Inactive SymboliShares S&P/Citigroup 1-3 Year Int TrsryN/AFinancialsExchange Traded Funds
Company WebsiteISIG Inactive SymbolInsignia Systems, Inc.N/AConsumer CyclicalAdvertising & Marketing
Company WebsiteISIL Inactive SymbolIntersil CorpN/ATechnologySemiconductors
Company WebsiteISLE Inactive SymbolIsle of Capri CasinosN/AConsumer CyclicalCasinos & Gaming
ISM Inactive SymbolSLM Corporation - Medium Term Notes, Series A, CPI-Linked Notes due January 16, 2018N/AN/AN/A
Company WebsiteISNS Inactive SymbolImage Sensing Systems, Inc.N/AIndustrialsTesting & Measuring Equipment
Company WebsiteISRG Inactive SymbolIntuitive Surgical, Inc.N/AHealthcareAdvanced Medical Equipment & Technology
Company WebsiteISRL Inactive SymbolIsramco, Inc.N/AEnergyOil & Gas Exploration and Production
Company WebsiteISSC Inactive SymbolInnovative Solutions & Support IncN/AIndustrialsAircraft Parts Manufacturing
Company WebsiteISTR Inactive SymbolInvestar Holding CorpN/AFinancialsCommercial Banks
Company WebsiteITCI Inactive SymbolIntra-Cellular Therapies IncN/AHealthcareBio Therapeutic Drugs
Company WebsiteITEK Inactive SymbolInotek Pharmaceuticals CorpN/AHealthcareBio Therapeutic Drugs
ITEQ Inactive SymbolBlueStar TA-BIGITech Israel Technology ETFN/AN/AN/A
Company WebsiteITI Inactive SymbolIteris IncN/ATechnologyBroadcasting Equipment
Company WebsiteITIC Inactive SymbolInvestors Title CompanyN/AFinancialsProperty & Casualty Insurance
Company WebsiteITRI Inactive SymbolItron, Inc.N/AIndustrialsElectrical Components & Equipment
Company WebsiteITRN Inactive SymbolIturan Location and Control Ltd. (US)N/AIndustrialsBusiness Support Services
Company WebsiteITUS Inactive SymbolITUS CorpN/AIndustrialsBusiness Support Services
Company WebsiteIVAC Inactive SymbolIntevac, Inc.N/AIndustrialsIndustrial Machinery & Equipment
IVTY Inactive SymbolInvuity, Inc.N/AN/AN/A
IXUS Inactive SymboliShares TrustN/AN/AN/A
Company WebsiteIXYS Inactive SymbolIXYS CorporationN/ATechnologyIntegrated Circuits
Company WebsiteIZEA Inactive SymbolIzea IncN/ATechnologySocial Media & Networking