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NASDAQ index: V

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Company list ( = link to the company website, = inactive symbol):

83 Companies

  Symbol  Name  Market Cap  Sector Industry
Company WebsiteVA Inactive SymbolVirgin America IncN/AIndustrialsAirlines
Company WebsiteVALU Inactive SymbolValue Line, Inc.N/AIndustrialsProfessional Information Services
VALX Inactive SymbolETF Series SolutionsN/AN/AN/A
Company WebsiteVASC Inactive SymbolVascular Solutions, Inc.N/AHealthcareMedical Diagnostic & Testing Equipment
Company WebsiteVBFC Inactive SymbolVillage Bank and Trust Financial Corp.N/AFinancialsBanks
VBIV Inactive SymbolVBI Vaccines, Inc. - Ordinary SharesN/AN/AN/A
Company WebsiteVBLT Inactive SymbolVascular Biogenics LtdN/AHealthcareBio Therapeutic Drugs
VBND Inactive SymbolETF Series SolutionsN/AN/AN/A
Company WebsiteVBTX Inactive SymbolVeritex Holdings IncN/AFinancialsBanks
Company WebsiteVCEL Inactive SymbolVericel CorpN/AHealthcareBiopharmaceuticals
Company WebsiteVCIT Inactive SymbolVanguard Intermediate Tm Cpte Bd ETFN/AFinancialsExchange Traded Funds
Company WebsiteVCLT Inactive SymbolVanguard Long Term Corporate Bond ETFN/AFinancialsExchange Traded Funds
Company WebsiteVCSH Inactive SymbolVanguard Short Term Corporate Bond ETFN/AFinancialsInvestment Trusts
Company WebsiteVCYT Inactive SymbolVeracyte IncN/AHealthcareBiotechnology & Medical Research
Company WebsiteVDSI Inactive SymbolVASCO Data Security International, Inc.N/ATechnologyIT Services & Consulting
Company WebsiteVDTH Inactive SymbolVideocon d2h Ltd - ADRN/AConsumer CyclicalCable Service Providers
Company WebsiteVECO Inactive SymbolVeeco Instruments Inc.N/ATechnologySemiconductors
Company WebsiteVGIT Inactive SymbolVanguard Intmdte Tm Govt Bd ETFN/AFinancialsExchange Traded Funds
Company WebsiteVGLT Inactive SymbolVanguard Lg Term Govt Bd ETFN/AFinancialsInvestment Trusts
Company WebsiteVGSH Inactive SymbolVanguard Sht Term Govt Bond ETFN/AFinancialsExchange Traded Funds
Company WebsiteVIA Inactive SymbolViacom, Inc.N/AConsumer CyclicalEntertainment Production
Company WebsiteVIAB Inactive SymbolViacom, Inc.N/AConsumer CyclicalEntertainment Production
Company WebsiteVIAV Inactive SymbolViavi Solutions IncN/ATechnologyCommunications & Networking
Company WebsiteVICL Inactive SymbolVical IncorporatedN/AHealthcareBio Therapeutic Drugs
Company WebsiteVICR Inactive SymbolVicor CorpN/ATechnologySemiconductors
VIDI Inactive SymbolVident International Equity FundN/AN/AN/A
VIGI Inactive SymbolVanguard International Dividend Appreciation ETFN/AN/AN/A
VIIX Inactive SymbolCredit Suisse AG - VelocityShares VIX Short Term ETNN/AN/AN/A
Company WebsiteVIP Inactive SymbolVimpelCom Ltd (ADR)N/ATelecommunications ServicesWireless Telecommunications Services
Company WebsiteVIRC Inactive SymbolVirco Mfg. CorporationN/AIndustrialsFurniture
Company WebsiteVIRT Inactive SymbolVirtu Financial IncN/AFinancialsFinancial & Commodity Market Operators
Company WebsiteVISN Inactive SymbolVisionChina Media Inc (ADR)N/AConsumer CyclicalOutdoor Advertising
Company WebsiteVIVE Inactive SymbolViveve Medical IncN/AHealthcareAdvanced Medical Equipment & Technology
Company WebsiteVIVO Inactive SymbolMeridian Bioscience, Inc.N/AHealthcareMedical Equipment
Company WebsiteVLGEA Inactive SymbolVillage Super Market, Inc.N/AConsumer Non-CyclicalSupermarkets & Convenience Stores
Company WebsiteVLTC Inactive SymbolVoltari CorpN/AN/AN/A
VMBS Inactive SymbolVanguard Mortgage Bkd Sects ETFN/AFinancialsExchange Traded Funds
Company WebsiteVNDA Inactive SymbolVanda Pharmaceuticals Inc.N/AHealthcareBio Therapeutic Drugs
Company WebsiteVNET Inactive Symbol21Vianet Group IncN/ATechnologyIT Services & Consulting
Company WebsiteVNOM Inactive SymbolViper Energy Partners LPN/AEnergyOil & Gas Exploration and Production
VNQI Inactive SymbolVanguard International Equity Index FundsN/AN/AN/A
Company WebsiteVNR Inactive SymbolVanguard Natural Resources, LLCN/AN/AN/A
Company WebsiteVNRAP Inactive SymbolVanguard Natural Resources, LLCN/AEnergyOil & Gas Exploration and Production
Company WebsiteVNRBP Inactive SymbolVanguard Natural Resources, LLCN/AEnergyOil & Gas Exploration and Production
Company WebsiteVNRCP Inactive SymbolVanguard Natural Resources, LLCN/AEnergyOil & Gas Exploration and Production
Company WebsiteVOD Inactive SymbolVodafone Group Plc (ADR)N/ATelecommunications ServicesWireless Telecommunications Services
VONE Inactive SymbolVanguard Scottsdale FundsN/AN/AN/A
VONG Inactive SymbolVanguard Scottsdale FundsN/AN/AN/A
VONV Inactive SymbolVanguard Scottsdale FundsN/AN/AN/A
Company WebsiteVOXX Inactive SymbolVOXX International CorpN/AConsumer CyclicalAuto Parts & Accessories
Company WebsiteVRA Inactive SymbolVera Bradley, Inc.N/AConsumer CyclicalHandbags & Luggage
Company WebsiteVRAY Inactive SymbolViewray IncN/AHealthcareAdvanced Medical Equipment & Technology
Company WebsiteVRML Inactive SymbolVermillion, Inc.N/AHealthcareBiotechnology & Medical Research
Company WebsiteVRNS Inactive SymbolVaronis Systems IncN/ATechnologyEnterprise Software
Company WebsiteVRNT Inactive SymbolVerint Systems Inc.N/ATechnologyIT Services & Consulting
Company WebsiteVRSK Inactive SymbolVerisk Analytics, Inc.N/ATechnologyTechnology Consulting & Outsourcing Services
Company WebsiteVRSN Inactive SymbolVerisign, Inc.N/ATechnologyIT Services & Consulting
Company WebsiteVRTB Inactive SymbolVestin Realty Mortgage II, Inc.N/AN/AN/A
Company WebsiteVRTS Inactive SymbolVirtus Investment Partners IncN/AFinancialsInvestment Management
Company WebsiteVRTU Inactive SymbolVirtusa CorporationN/ATechnologyIT Services & Consulting
Company WebsiteVRTX Inactive SymbolVertex Pharmaceuticals IncorporatedN/AHealthcareBio Therapeutic Drugs
Company WebsiteVSAR Inactive SymbolVersartis IncN/AHealthcareBio Therapeutic Drugs
Company WebsiteVSAT Inactive SymbolViaSat, Inc.N/ATechnologyCommunications & Networking
Company WebsiteVSEC Inactive SymbolVSE CorporationN/AIndustrialsAerospace & Defense
Company WebsiteVSTM Inactive SymbolVerastem IncN/AHealthcareBio Therapeutic Drugs
Company WebsiteVTAE Inactive SymbolVitae Pharmaceuticals IncN/AHealthcareBiopharmaceuticals
Company WebsiteVTGN Inactive SymbolVistagen Therapeutics IncN/AHealthcareBiopharmaceuticals
VTHR Inactive SymbolVanguard Scottsdale FundsN/AN/AN/A
VTIP Inactive SymbolVanguard Asset Allocation FundN/AN/AN/A
Company WebsiteVTL Inactive SymbolVital Therapies IncN/AHealthcareBio Therapeutic Drugs
Company WebsiteVTNR Inactive SymbolVertex Energy IncN/AIndustrialsWaste Management, Disposal & Recycling Services
Company WebsiteVTVT Inactive SymbolvTv Therapeutics IncN/AHealthcareBio Therapeutic Drugs
VTWG Inactive SymbolVanguard Scottsdale FundsN/AN/AN/A
VTWO Inactive SymbolVanguard Scottsdale FundsN/AN/AN/A
VTWV Inactive SymbolVanguard Scottsdale FundsN/AN/AN/A
VUSE Inactive SymbolVident Core US Equity ETFN/AN/AN/A
VUZI Inactive SymbolVuzix CorporationN/AN/AN/A
Company WebsiteVVUS Inactive SymbolVIVUS, Inc.N/AHealthcareBiopharmaceuticals
VWOB Inactive SymbolVanguard Whitehall FundsN/AN/AN/A
Company WebsiteVWR Inactive SymbolVWR CorpN/AHealthcareMedical Equipment
VXUS Inactive SymbolVanguard Total International Stock ETFN/AN/AN/A
Company WebsiteVYGR Inactive SymbolVoyager Therapeutics IncN/AHealthcareBiotechnology & Medical Research
VYMI Inactive SymbolVanguard International High Dividend Yield ETFN/AN/AN/A