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41 Companies

  Symbol  Name  Market Cap  Exchange  Z-Score 
Company WebsiteNIE Inactive SymbolAGIC Equity and Convertible Income Fund$545.0MNYSE
Company WebsiteNFJ Inactive SymbolAllianzgi NFJ Dividend int & Prm Stgy Fd$1.2BNYSE
Company WebsiteBKN Inactive SymbolBlackRock Inv. Quality Munic. Trust Inc.$252.2MNYSE
Company WebsiteADRA Inactive SymbolBLDRS Asia 50 ADR Index (ETF)$21.2MNASDAQ
Company WebsiteADRD Inactive SymbolBLDRS Developed Markets 100 ADR (ETF)$61.6MNASDAQ
Company WebsiteADRU Inactive SymbolBLDRS Europe 100 ADR Index (ETF)$14.2MNASDAQ
Company WebsiteINF Inactive SymbolBrookfield Glbl Lstd Infrstr Incm Fd Inc$190.4MNYSE
Company WebsiteCSWC Inactive SymbolCapital Southwest Corporation$255.4MNASDAQ
Company WebsiteCMFN Inactive SymbolCM Finance Inc$139.6MNASDAQ
Company WebsiteCODI Inactive SymbolCompass Diversified Holdings$973.4MNYSE
ECACU Inactive SymbolE-Compass Acquisition Corp$57.4MNASDAQ
EGIF Inactive SymbolEagle Growth & Income Opportunities Fund$122.8MNYSE
Company WebsiteCEV Inactive SymbolEaton Vance California Mun. Income Trust$90.5MNYSE MKT
Company WebsiteFIF Inactive SymbolFirst Trust Energy Infrastructure Fund$323.6MNYSE
Company WebsiteQCLN Inactive SymbolFirst Trust NASDAQ Clean Edge US (ETF)$57.6MNASDAQ
Company WebsiteQQXT Inactive SymbolFirst Trust NASDAQ-100 Ex-Tech Sec (ETF)$99.8MNASDAQ
Company WebsiteQTEC Inactive SymbolFirst Trust NASDAQ-100- Technology Ix Fd$2.0BNASDAQ
Company WebsiteQQQC Inactive SymbolGlobal X China Technology ETF$14.8MNASDAQ
Company WebsiteGEQ Inactive SymbolGuggenheim Equal Weight Enhanced$148.1MNYSE
Company WebsiteACWI Inactive SymboliShares MSCI ACWI Index Fund$6.3BNASDAQ
Company WebsiteINDY Inactive SymboliShares S&P India Nifty 50 Index Fund$870.4MNASDAQ
Company WebsiteSOXX Inactive SymboliShares S&P NA Tec. Semi. Idx. Fd.(ETF)$884.8MNASDAQ
Company WebsiteHEQ Inactive SymbolJohn Hancock Hedged Equity and Income$205.4MNYSE
Company WebsiteMARPS Inactive SymbolMarine Petroleum Trust$7.4MNASDAQ
Company WebsiteMSB Inactive SymbolMesabi Trust$169.2MNYSE
Company WebsiteJQC Inactive SymbolNuveen Credit Strategies Income Fund$1.2BNYSE
Company WebsiteCFD Inactive SymbolNuveen Diversified Commodity Fund$87.5MNYSE MKT
Company WebsiteJSD Inactive SymbolNuveen Short Duration Credit Opp Fund$182.5MNYSE
Company WebsiteQQQ Inactive SymbolPowerShares QQQ Trust, Series 1 (ETF)$48.6BNASDAQ
Company WebsitePSCE Inactive SymbolPowerShares S&P SllCp Egy Ptflio$58.5MNASDAQ
Company WebsitePSCF Inactive SymbolPowerShares S&P SllCp Ficls Ptflio$236.5MNASDAQ
Company WebsitePSCI Inactive SymbolPowerShares S&P SmallCap Indtls Ptflio$71.6MNASDAQ
Company WebsitePSCT Inactive SymbolPowerShares S&P SmlCp Inftn Thgy Pfo$637.3MNASDAQ
Company WebsitePSCD Inactive SymbolPowerShares S&P SmllCp Cnsmr Disny Ptfo$67.5MNASDAQ
Company WebsitePSCU Inactive SymbolPowerShares S&P SmllCp Utlts Pfo$49.2MNASDAQ
Company WebsiteSQQQ Inactive SymbolProShares Trust UltraPro Short QQQ ETF$119.6MNASDAQ
Company WebsiteSAR Inactive SymbolSaratoga Investment Corp$128.7MNYSE
Company WebsiteTTP Inactive SymbolTortoise Pipeline and Energy Fund Inc$212.1MNYSE
Company WebsiteVGLT Inactive SymbolVanguard Lg Term Govt Bd ETF$455.1MNASDAQ
Company WebsiteVCSH Inactive SymbolVanguard Short Term Corporate Bond ETF$18.3BNASDAQ
Company WebsiteWINS Inactive SymbolWins Finance Holdings Inc$741.5MNASDAQ