Companies of the Week  (May 08 - May 12, 2017)

Weekly Analysis
TextBiz analyzes the NYSE, NASDAQ and NYSE MKT stock market data (currently 6140 companies) and updates every weekend with the latest results. The current focus is in the following areas:

Random Walk Modeling
The probability distribution for the individual stock prices is calculated and compared to current performance. Min/Max and Average distribution graphs are drawn for the current year, as well as for the stock history (with a color-coded history view).

Default Prediction
Currently, the Z-score method of default prediction is used to determine how "healthy" each company appears.

Fundamental Analysis
The financial statements of each company are used to calculate measures that show whether there is a promising investment opportunity.

 Overperformer Predicted price distribution
 NVIDIA Corporation  [News Query]
 This week's change:
 22.6% (Avg Vol: 29.9M)
 Week's best performers:
 Underperformer Predicted price distribution
 Wells Fargo & Co  [News Query]
 This week's change:
 -3.81% (Avg Vol: 21.2M)
 Week's worst performers:

US Markets

Major Indices

Dow 30

^DJI weekly change:

-0.45% (Avg Vol: 281.7M)

Year To Date:

5.15% (Avg Vol: 306.4M)

Dow Jones Industrial Average

S&P 500

^GSPC weekly change:

-0.38% (Avg Vol: 3.6B)

Year To Date:

6.19% (Avg Vol: 3.5B)

S&P 500


^RUT weekly change:

-0.98% (Avg Vol: 35.5M)

Year To Date:

1.82% (Avg Vol: 35.5M)

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