About TextBiz


This site was developed by Dimitrios Kechagias as a CS Master's project under the supervision of Prof. Steven Skiena at Stony Brook University.

It should be clear that the information contained should not be used as the basis for securities trading, and the use of this site should acknowledge the posted disclaimer.


Technical facts:

The site is hosted on an Apache Server running Debian Linux.

The first public version of the site (May 2005) consisted of 80,000 html pages, 700,000 png images weighing a total of 5.1 GB.

The site is static html almost in its entirety, generated weekly by perl scripts.

There are about 2,500 lines of perl code maintaining the finance database that provides the data for the analysis. The code used to run the analysis and generate the web site is over 3,000 lines of perl, plus some C.

While the perl scripts were all developed on Debian machines using KDE's Advanced Text Editor (Kate), the HTML templates were worked on a Windows XP system using Macromedia Dreamweaver and the graphics on the same system using Adobe Photoshop and Ulead Gif Animator.