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Company list ( = link to the company website, = inactive symbol):

224 Companies

  Symbol  Name  Market Cap  Sector Industry
Company WebsiteC Inactive SymbolCitigroup IncN/AFinancialsBanks
Company WebsiteCAA Inactive SymbolCalAtlantic Group IncN/AConsumer CyclicalResidential Builders
Company WebsiteCAB Inactive SymbolCabelas IncN/AConsumer CyclicalOther Specialty Retailers
Company WebsiteCABO Inactive SymbolCable One IncN/AConsumer CyclicalCable Service Providers
Company WebsiteCACI Inactive SymbolCACI International IncN/ATechnologyIT Services & Consulting
Company WebsiteCAE Inactive SymbolCae Inc (USA)N/AIndustrialsEducational Services
Company WebsiteCAF Inactive SymbolMorgan Stanley China A Share Fund, Inc.N/AFinancialsClosed End Funds
Company WebsiteCAG Inactive SymbolConagra Brands IncN/AConsumer Non-CyclicalFood Processing
Company WebsiteCAH Inactive SymbolCardinal Health IncN/AConsumer Non-CyclicalDrug Retailers
Company WebsiteCAI Inactive SymbolCAI International IncN/AIndustrialsFreight & Logistics
Company WebsiteCAJ Inactive SymbolCanon Inc (ADR)N/ATechnologyOffice Equipment
Company WebsiteCAL Inactive SymbolCaleres IncN/AConsumer CyclicalFootwear
Company WebsiteCALX Inactive SymbolCalix IncN/ATechnologyCommunications & Networking
Company WebsiteCAPL Inactive SymbolCrossamerica Partners LPN/AEnergyOil & Gas Refining and Marketing
Company WebsiteCAS Inactive SymbolAM Castle & CoN/AN/AN/A
Company WebsiteCAT Inactive SymbolCaterpillar Inc.N/AIndustrialsHeavy Machinery & Vehicles
Company WebsiteCATO Inactive SymbolCato CorpN/AConsumer CyclicalApparel & Accessories
Company WebsiteCB Inactive SymbolChubb LtdN/AFinancialsMultiline Insurance & Brokers
Company WebsiteCBA Inactive SymbolClearBridge American Energy MLP Fund IncN/AFinancialsClosed End Funds
Company WebsiteCBB Inactive SymbolCincinnati Bell Inc.N/ATelecommunications ServicesIntegrated Telecommunications Services
Company WebsiteCBD Inactive SymbolCompanhia Brasileira de Distribuicao-ADRN/AConsumer Non-CyclicalFood Retail & Distribution
Company WebsiteCBG Inactive SymbolCBRE Group IncN/AFinancialsReal Estate Services
Company WebsiteCBI Inactive SymbolChicago Bridge & Iron Company N.V.N/AIndustrialsConstruction & Engineering
Company WebsiteCBK Inactive SymbolChristopher & Banks CorporationN/AConsumer CyclicalApparel & Accessories
Company WebsiteCBL Inactive SymbolCBL & Associates Properties, Inc.N/AFinancialsCommercial REITs
Company WebsiteCBM Inactive SymbolCambrex CorporationN/AHealthcarePharmaceuticals
Company WebsiteCBPX Inactive SymbolContinental Building Products IncN/AConsumer CyclicalConstruction Supplies & Fixtures
Company WebsiteCBR Inactive SymbolCIBER, Inc.N/AN/AN/A
Company WebsiteCBS Inactive SymbolCBS CorporationN/AConsumer CyclicalBroadcasting
Company WebsiteCBT Inactive SymbolCabot CorpN/ABasic MaterialsSpecialty Chemicals
Company WebsiteCBU Inactive SymbolCommunity Bank System, Inc.N/AFinancialsBanks
Company WebsiteCBZ Inactive SymbolCBIZ, Inc.N/AIndustrialsBusiness Support Services
Company WebsiteCC Inactive SymbolChemours CoN/ABasic MaterialsCommodity Chemicals
Company WebsiteCCC Inactive SymbolCalgon Carbon CorporationN/ABasic MaterialsCommodity Chemicals
CCE Inactive SymbolCoca-Cola European Partners plc Ordinary SharesN/AN/AN/A
Company WebsiteCCI Inactive SymbolCrown Castle International Corp. (REIT)N/AN/AN/A
Company WebsiteCCJ Inactive SymbolCameco Corp (USA)N/AEnergyUranium
Company WebsiteCCK Inactive SymbolCrown Holdings, Inc.N/ABasic MaterialsNon-Paper Containers & Packaging
Company WebsiteCCL Inactive SymbolCarnival CorpN/AConsumer CyclicalCruise Lines
Company WebsiteCCM Inactive SymbolConcord Medical Services Hldg Ltd (ADR)N/AHealthcareHealthcare Facilities & Services
Company WebsiteCCO Inactive SymbolClear Channel Outdoor Holdings, Inc.N/AConsumer CyclicalOutdoor Advertising
Company WebsiteCCP Inactive SymbolCare Capital Properties IncN/AFinancialsHealthcare REITs
CCS Inactive SymbolCentury Communities, IncN/AN/AN/A
Company WebsiteCCU Inactive SymbolCompania Cervecerias Unidas S.A. (ADR)N/AConsumer Non-CyclicalBrewers
CCZ Inactive SymbolComcast Holdings ZONESN/AN/AN/A
Company WebsiteCDE Inactive SymbolCoeur Mining IncN/ABasic MaterialsSilver Mining
Company WebsiteCDI Inactive SymbolCDI Corp.N/AIndustrialsOutsourcing & Staffing Services
Company WebsiteCDR Inactive SymbolCedar Realty Trust IncN/AFinancialsRetail REITs
Company WebsiteCE Inactive SymbolCelanese CorporationN/ABasic MaterialsCommodity Chemicals
Company WebsiteCEA Inactive SymbolChina Eastern Airlines Corp. Ltd. (ADR)N/AIndustrialsAirlines
CEB Inactive SymbolCEB Inc.N/AN/AN/A
Company WebsiteCEE Inactive SymbolCentral Europe Russia and Turkey Fd IncN/AFinancialsClosed End Funds
Company WebsiteCEL Inactive SymbolCellcom Israel Ltd.N/ATelecommunications ServicesWireless Telecommunications Services
Company WebsiteCELP Inactive SymbolCypress Energy Partners LPN/AEnergyOil Related Services and Equipment
Company WebsiteCEM Inactive SymbolClearBridge Energy MLP Fund IncN/AFinancialsClosed End Funds
Company WebsiteCEN Inactive SymbolCenter Coast MLP & Infrastructure FundN/AFinancialsClosed End Funds
Company WebsiteCEO Inactive SymbolCNOOC Ltd (ADR)N/AEnergyOil & Gas Exploration and Production
Company WebsiteCEQP Inactive SymbolCrestwood Equity Partners LPN/AEnergyOil & Gas Refining and Marketing
Company WebsiteCF Inactive SymbolCF Industries Holdings, Inc.N/ABasic MaterialsFertilizer
Company WebsiteCFG Inactive SymbolCitizens Financial Group IncN/AFinancialsCommercial Banks
Company WebsiteCFI Inactive SymbolCulp, Inc.N/AConsumer CyclicalTextiles & Leather Goods
Company WebsiteCFR Inactive SymbolCullen/Frost Bankers, Inc.N/AFinancialsBanks
Company WebsiteCFX Inactive SymbolColfax CorpN/AIndustrialsPump & Pumping Equipment
Company WebsiteCGA Inactive SymbolChina Green Agriculture, IncN/ABasic MaterialsAgricultural Chemicals
Company WebsiteCGG Inactive SymbolCGG SA (ADR)N/AEnergyOil Related Services and Equipment
Company WebsiteCGI Inactive SymbolCeladon Group, Inc.N/AIndustrialsFreight & Logistics
Company WebsiteCHA Inactive SymbolChina Telecom Corporation Limited (ADR)N/ATelecommunications ServicesWireless Telecommunications Services
Company WebsiteCHCT Inactive SymbolCommunity Healthcare Trust IncN/AFinancialsHealthcare REITs
Company WebsiteCHD Inactive SymbolChurch & Dwight Co., Inc.N/AConsumer Non-CyclicalHousehold Products
Company WebsiteCHE Inactive SymbolChemed CorporationN/AHealthcareHealthcare Facilities & Services
Company WebsiteCHGG Inactive SymbolChegg IncN/AIndustrialsEducational Services
Company WebsiteCHH Inactive SymbolChoice Hotels International IncN/AConsumer CyclicalHotels & Motels
Company WebsiteCHK Inactive SymbolChesapeake Energy CorporationN/AEnergyOil & Gas Exploration and Production
Company WebsiteCHKR Inactive SymbolChesapeake Granite Wash TrustN/AEnergyOil & Gas Exploration and Production
Company WebsiteCHL Inactive SymbolChina Mobile Ltd. (ADR)N/ATelecommunications ServicesWireless Telecommunications Services
Company WebsiteCHMI Inactive SymbolCherry Hill Mortgage Investment CorpN/AFinancialsMortgage REITs
Company WebsiteCHMT Inactive SymbolChemtura CorpN/ABasic MaterialsSpecialty Chemicals
Company WebsiteCHN Inactive SymbolChina Fund IncN/AFinancialsClosed End Funds
Company WebsiteCHS Inactive SymbolChico's FAS, Inc.N/AConsumer CyclicalApparel & Accessories
Company WebsiteCHSP Inactive SymbolChesapeake Lodging TrustN/AFinancialsHospitality REITs
Company WebsiteCHT Inactive SymbolChunghwa Telecom Co., Ltd (ADR)N/ATelecommunications ServicesTelecommunications Resellers
Company WebsiteCHU Inactive SymbolChina Unicom (Hong Kong) Limited (ADR)N/ATelecommunications ServicesWireless Telecommunications Services
Company WebsiteCI Inactive SymbolCIGNA CorporationN/AHealthcareManaged Health Care
Company WebsiteCIA Inactive SymbolCitizens, Inc.N/AFinancialsLife & Health Insurance
Company WebsiteCIB Inactive SymbolBancolombia SA (ADR)N/AFinancialsBanks
Company WebsiteCIE Inactive SymbolCobalt International Energy, Inc.N/AEnergyOil Exploration & Production
Company WebsiteCIEN Inactive SymbolCiena CorporationN/ATechnologyCommunications & Networking
Company WebsiteCIF Inactive SymbolMFS Intermediate High Income FundN/AFinancialsClosed End Funds
Company WebsiteCIG Inactive SymbolCia Energetica de Minas Gerais CEMIG-ADRN/AUtilitiesRenewable Utilities
Company WebsiteCII Inactive SymbolBlackRock Enhanced Capital and Income FdN/AFinancialsClosed End Funds
Company WebsiteCIM Inactive SymbolChimera Investment CorporationN/AFinancialsMortgage REITs
Company WebsiteCINR Inactive SymbolCiner Resources LPN/ABasic MaterialsAgricultural Chemicals
Company WebsiteCIO Inactive SymbolCity Office REIT IncN/AFinancialsOffice REITs
Company WebsiteCIR Inactive SymbolCIRCOR International, Inc.N/AEnergyOil Related Services and Equipment
Company WebsiteCIT Inactive SymbolCIT Group Inc.N/AFinancialsBanks
Company WebsiteCIVI Inactive SymbolCivitas Solutions IncN/AHealthcareResidential & Long Term Care
Company WebsiteCKH Inactive SymbolSeacor Holdings, Inc.N/AEnergyOil & Gas Transportation Services
Company WebsiteCL Inactive SymbolColgate-Palmolive CompanyN/AConsumer Non-CyclicalPersonal Products
Company WebsiteCLB Inactive SymbolCore Laboratories N.V.N/AEnergyOil Related Services and Equipment
Company WebsiteCLC Inactive SymbolCLARCOR Inc.N/AIndustrialsIndustrial Machinery & Equipment
Company WebsiteCLD Inactive SymbolCloud Peak Energy Inc.N/AEnergyCoal
Company WebsiteCLDT Inactive SymbolChatham Lodging TrustN/AFinancialsHospitality REITs
Company WebsiteCLF Inactive SymbolCliffs Natural Resources IncN/ABasic MaterialsSteel
Company WebsiteCLGX Inactive SymbolCorelogic IncN/AIndustrialsProfessional Information Services
Company WebsiteCLH Inactive SymbolClean Harbors IncN/AIndustrialsEnvironmental
Company WebsiteCLI Inactive SymbolMack Cali Realty CorpN/AFinancialsOffice REITs
Company WebsiteCLNY Inactive SymbolColony Capital IncN/AFinancialsResidential REITs
Company WebsiteCLR Inactive SymbolContinental Resources, Inc.N/AEnergyOil & Gas Exploration and Production
Company WebsiteCLS Inactive SymbolCelestica IncN/ATechnologySemiconductors
Company WebsiteCLW Inactive SymbolClearwater Paper CorpN/ABasic MaterialsPulp Mills
Company WebsiteCLX Inactive SymbolClorox CoN/AConsumer Non-CyclicalHousehold Products
Company WebsiteCM Inactive SymbolCanadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (USA)N/AFinancialsBanks
Company WebsiteCMA Inactive SymbolComerica IncorporatedN/AFinancialsBanks
Company WebsiteCMC Inactive SymbolCommercial Metals CompanyN/ABasic MaterialsSteel
Company WebsiteCMCM Inactive SymbolCheetah Mobile Inc (ADR)N/ATechnologySoftware
Company WebsiteCMG Inactive SymbolChipotle Mexican Grill, Inc.N/AConsumer CyclicalQuick Service Restaurants
Company WebsiteCMI Inactive SymbolCummins Inc.N/AConsumer CyclicalConstruction Supplies & Fixtures
Company WebsiteCMN Inactive SymbolCantel Medical Corp.N/AHealthcareMedical Equipment
Company WebsiteCMO Inactive SymbolCapstead Mortgage CorporationN/AFinancialsMortgage REITs
Company WebsiteCMP Inactive SymbolCompass Minerals International, Inc.N/ABasic MaterialsAgricultural Chemicals
Company WebsiteCMRE Inactive SymbolCostamare IncN/AIndustrialsDeep Sea Freight
Company WebsiteCMS Inactive SymbolCMS Energy CorporationN/AUtilitiesMultiline Utilities
Company WebsiteCMU Inactive SymbolMFS High Yield Municipal TrustN/AFinancialsClosed End Funds
Company WebsiteCNA Inactive SymbolCna Financial CorpN/AFinancialsProperty & Casualty Insurance
Company WebsiteCNC Inactive SymbolCentene CorpN/AHealthcareManaged Health Care
CNCO Inactive SymbolCencosud SAN/AN/AN/A
Company WebsiteCNHI Inactive SymbolCNH Industrial NVN/AIndustrialsHeavy Machinery & Vehicles
Company WebsiteCNI Inactive SymbolCanadian National Railway (USA)N/AIndustrialsFreight & Logistics
Company WebsiteCNK Inactive SymbolCinemark Holdings, Inc.N/AConsumer CyclicalMovie, TV Production & Distribution
Company WebsiteCNNX Inactive SymbolCONE Midstream Partners LPN/AEnergyNatural Gas
Company WebsiteCNO Inactive SymbolCNO Financial Group IncN/AFinancialsLife & Health Insurance
Company WebsiteCNP Inactive SymbolCenterPoint Energy, Inc.N/AUtilitiesMultiline Utilities
Company WebsiteCNQ Inactive SymbolCanadian Natural Resource Ltd (USA)N/AEnergyOil & Gas Exploration and Production
Company WebsiteCNS Inactive SymbolCohen & Steers, Inc.N/AFinancialsInvestment Management
Company WebsiteCNX Inactive SymbolCONSOL Energy Inc.N/AEnergyCoal
Company WebsiteCNXC Inactive SymbolCNX Coal Resources LPN/AEnergyCoal
Company WebsiteCO Inactive SymbolChina Cord Blood CorpN/AHealthcareHealthcare Facilities & Services
Company WebsiteCODI Inactive SymbolCompass Diversified HoldingsN/AFinancialsInvestment Trusts
Company WebsiteCOF Inactive SymbolCapital One Financial Corp.N/AFinancialsConsumer Credit Cards Services
Company WebsiteCOG Inactive SymbolCabot Oil & Gas CorporationN/AEnergyOil & Gas Exploration and Production
Company WebsiteCOH Inactive SymbolCoach IncN/AConsumer CyclicalHandbags & Luggage
Company WebsiteCOL Inactive SymbolRockwell Collins, Inc.N/AIndustrialsAerospace & Defense
Company WebsiteCOO Inactive SymbolCooper Companies IncN/AHealthcareGlasses, Spectacles & Contact lenses
Company WebsiteCOP Inactive SymbolConocoPhillipsN/AEnergyOil & Gas Exploration and Production
Company WebsiteCOR Inactive SymbolCoreSite Realty CorpN/AFinancialsRetail REITs
Company WebsiteCORR Inactive SymbolCorenergy Infrastructure Trust IncN/AFinancialsSpecialized REITs
Company WebsiteCOT Inactive SymbolCott Corporation (USA)N/AConsumer Non-CyclicalNon-Alcoholic Beverages
COTV Inactive SymbolCotiviti Holdings IncN/AHealthcareMedical Software & Technology Services
Company WebsiteCOTY Inactive SymbolCoty IncN/AConsumer Non-CyclicalCosmetics & Perfumes
Company WebsiteCP Inactive SymbolCanadian Pacific Railway Limited (USA)N/AIndustrialsFreight & Logistics
Company WebsiteCPA Inactive SymbolCopa Holdings, S.A.N/AIndustrialsAirlines
Company WebsiteCPAC Inactive SymbolCementos Pacasmayo ADRN/ABasic MaterialsCement & Concrete Manufacturing
Company WebsiteCPB Inactive SymbolCampbell Soup CompanyN/AConsumer Non-CyclicalFood Processing
Company WebsiteCPE Inactive SymbolCallon Petroleum CompanyN/AEnergyOil & Gas Exploration and Production
Company WebsiteCPF Inactive SymbolCentral Pacific Financial Corp.N/AFinancialsCommercial Banks
CPG Inactive SymbolCrescent Point Energy Corporation Ordinary Shares (Canada)N/AN/AN/A
Company WebsiteCPK Inactive SymbolChesapeake Utilities CorporationN/AUtilitiesNatural Gas
Company WebsiteCPL Inactive SymbolCPFL Energia S.A. (ADR)N/AUtilitiesElectric Utilities
Company WebsiteCPN Inactive SymbolCalpine CorporationN/AUtilitiesElectric Utilities
Company WebsiteCPPL Inactive SymbolColumbia Pipeline Partners LPN/AEnergyOil & Gas Transportation Services
Company WebsiteCPS Inactive SymbolCooper-Standard Holdings IncN/AConsumer CyclicalAuto Parts & Accessories
Company WebsiteCPT Inactive SymbolCamden Property TrustN/AFinancialsResidential REITs
Company WebsiteCR Inactive SymbolCrane Co.N/AIndustrialsIndustrial Machinery & Equipment
Company WebsiteCRC Inactive SymbolCalifornia Resources CorpN/AEnergyOil & Gas Exploration and Production
Company WebsiteCRCM Inactive SymbolCare.com IncN/ATechnologyInternet Services
Company WebsiteCRD_B Inactive SymbolCrawford & CompanyN/AFinancialsMultiline Insurance & Brokers
Company WebsiteCRH Inactive SymbolCRH PLC (ADR)N/ABasic MaterialsConstruction Materials
Company WebsiteCRI Inactive SymbolCarter's, Inc.N/AConsumer CyclicalApparel & Accessories
Company WebsiteCRK Inactive SymbolComstock Resources IncN/AEnergyOil & Gas Exploration and Production
Company WebsiteCRL Inactive SymbolCharles River Laboratories Intl. IncN/AHealthcareBiotechnology & Medical Research
Company WebsiteCRM Inactive Symbolsalesforce.com, inc.N/ATechnologyCloud Computing Services
Company WebsiteCRR Inactive SymbolCARBO Ceramics Inc.N/AEnergyOil Related Services and Equipment
Company WebsiteCRS Inactive SymbolCarpenter Technology CorporationN/ABasic MaterialsSteel
Company WebsiteCRT Inactive SymbolCross Timbers Royalty TrustN/AFinancialsInvestment Management
Company WebsiteCRY Inactive SymbolCryolife IncN/AHealthcareMedical Equipment
Company WebsiteCS Inactive SymbolCredit Suisse Group AG (ADR)N/AFinancialsBanks
Company WebsiteCSC Inactive SymbolComputer Sciences CorporationN/ATechnologyIT Services & Consulting
Company WebsiteCSH Inactive SymbolCash America International IncN/AFinancialsConsumer Lending
Company WebsiteCSI Inactive SymbolCutwater Select Income FundN/AFinancialsClosed End Funds
Company WebsiteCSL Inactive SymbolCarlisle Companies, Inc.N/AIndustrialsIndustrial Conglomerates
Company WebsiteCSLT Inactive SymbolCastlight Health IncN/AHealthcareMedical Software & Technology Services
Company WebsiteCSRA Inactive SymbolCSRA IncN/ATechnologyIT Services & Consulting
Company WebsiteCSS Inactive SymbolCSS Industries IncN/AConsumer CyclicalGift, Novelty & Souvenir Stores
Company WebsiteCST Inactive SymbolCST Brands IncN/AEnergyGasoline stations
Company WebsiteCSTM Inactive SymbolConstellium NVN/ABasic MaterialsAluminum
Company WebsiteCSU Inactive SymbolCapital Senior Living CorporationN/AHealthcareResidential & Long Term Care
Company WebsiteCSV Inactive SymbolCarriage Services, Inc.N/AConsumer Non-CyclicalFuneral Services
Company WebsiteCTB Inactive SymbolCooper Tire & Rubber CoN/AConsumer CyclicalTires & Rubber Products
Company WebsiteCTL Inactive SymbolCenturylink IncN/ATelecommunications ServicesIntegrated Telecommunications Services
Company WebsiteCTLT Inactive SymbolCatalent IncN/AHealthcarePharmaceuticals
Company WebsiteCTR Inactive SymbolClearbridge Energy MLP Total Return FundN/AFinancialsClosed End Funds
Company WebsiteCTS Inactive SymbolCTS CorporationN/AIndustrialsElectronic Component
Company WebsiteCTT Inactive SymbolCatchmark Timber Trust IncN/AFinancialsTimber REITs
CTW Inactive SymbolQwest Corporation 7.50% Notes due 2051N/AN/AN/A
Company WebsiteCUB Inactive SymbolCubic CorporationN/AIndustrialsAerospace & Defense
Company WebsiteCUBE Inactive SymbolCubeSmartN/AFinancialsSelf-Storage REITs
Company WebsiteCUBI Inactive SymbolCustomers Bancorp IncN/AFinancialsBanks
Company WebsiteCUDA Inactive SymbolBarracuda Networks IncN/ATechnologyIT Services & Consulting
Company WebsiteCUK Inactive SymbolCarnival plc (ADR)N/AConsumer CyclicalCruise Lines
Company WebsiteCUZ Inactive SymbolCousins Properties IncN/AFinancialsCommercial REITs
Company WebsiteCVA Inactive SymbolCovanta Holding CorpN/AIndustrialsWaste Management, Disposal & Recycling Services
CVB Inactive SymbolLehman ABS Corporation 7.75% Corp Backed Tr Ctfs, Kinder Morgan Debenture-Backed series 2002-6N/AN/AN/A
Company WebsiteCVE Inactive SymbolCenovus Energy Inc (USA)N/AEnergyOil & Gas Refining and Marketing
CVEO Inactive SymbolCiveo Corporation (Canada)N/AN/AN/A
Company WebsiteCVG Inactive SymbolConvergys CorpN/ATechnologyTechnology Consulting & Outsourcing Services
Company WebsiteCVI Inactive SymbolCVR Energy, Inc.N/AEnergyOil & Gas Refining and Marketing
Company WebsiteCVO Inactive SymbolCenveo, Inc.N/AIndustrialsCommercial Printing Services
Company WebsiteCVRR Inactive SymbolCVR Refining LPN/AEnergyOil & Gas Refining and Marketing
Company WebsiteCVS Inactive SymbolCVS Health CorpN/AConsumer Non-CyclicalDrug Retailers
Company WebsiteCVT Inactive SymbolCvent IncN/ATechnologySoftware
Company WebsiteCVX Inactive SymbolChevron CorporationN/AEnergyOil & Gas Refining and Marketing
Company WebsiteCW Inactive SymbolCurtiss-Wright Corp.N/AIndustrialsAircraft Parts Manufacturing
Company WebsiteCWEI Inactive SymbolClayton Williams Energy, Inc.N/AEnergyOil & Gas Exploration and Production
Company WebsiteCWT Inactive SymbolCalifornia Water Service GroupN/AUtilitiesWater Utilities
Company WebsiteCX Inactive SymbolCemex SAB de CV (ADR)N/ABasic MaterialsConstruction Materials
Company WebsiteCXE Inactive SymbolMFS High Income Municipal TrustN/AFinancialsClosed End Funds
Company WebsiteCXH Inactive SymbolMFS Investment Grade Municipal TrustN/AFinancialsClosed End Funds
Company WebsiteCXO Inactive SymbolConcho Resources IncN/AEnergyOil & Gas Exploration and Production
Company WebsiteCXP Inactive SymbolColumbia Property Trust IncN/AFinancialsCommercial REITs
Company WebsiteCXW Inactive SymbolCorecivic IncN/AFinancialsSpecialized REITs
Company WebsiteCYD Inactive SymbolChina Yuchai International LimitedN/AConsumer CyclicalEngine & Powertrain Systems
Company WebsiteCYH Inactive SymbolCommunity Health SystemsN/AHealthcareHealthcare Facilities & Services
Company WebsiteCYS Inactive SymbolCYS Investments IncN/AFinancialsMortgage REITs
Company WebsiteCZZ Inactive SymbolCosan Ltd (USA)N/AEnergyOil & Gas Refining and Marketing