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Company list ( = link to the company website, = inactive symbol):

67 Companies

  Symbol  Name  Market Cap  Sector Industry
Company WebsiteK Inactive SymbolKellogg CompanyN/AConsumer Non-CyclicalFood Processing
Company WebsiteKAI Inactive SymbolKadant Inc.N/AIndustrialsIndustrial Machinery & Equipment
Company WebsiteKAMN Inactive SymbolKaman CorporationN/AIndustrialsIndustrial Machinery & Equipment
Company WebsiteKAR Inactive SymbolKAR Auction Services IncN/AConsumer CyclicalUsed Car Dealers
Company WebsiteKATE Inactive SymbolKate Spade & CoN/AConsumer CyclicalApparel & Accessories
Company WebsiteKB Inactive SymbolKB Financial Group, Inc. (ADR)N/AFinancialsBanks
Company WebsiteKBH Inactive SymbolKB HomeN/AConsumer CyclicalHomebuilding
Company WebsiteKBR Inactive SymbolKBR, Inc.N/AIndustrialsConstruction & Engineering
KCC Inactive SymbolStructured Products Corp. 8.20% Corporate Backed Trust Securities (CorTS)Issued by Provident FinN/AN/AN/A
KCG Inactive SymbolKCG Holdings, Inc. Class AN/AN/AN/A
Company WebsiteKDMN Inactive SymbolKadmon Holdings IncN/AHealthcareBiopharmaceuticals
Company WebsiteKED Inactive SymbolKayne Anderson Energy Development Co.N/AFinancialsClosed End Funds
Company WebsiteKEF Inactive SymbolKorea Equity Fund Inc.N/AFinancialsClosed End Funds
Company WebsiteKEM Inactive SymbolKEMET CorporationN/AIndustrialsElectronic Component
Company WebsiteKEN Inactive SymbolKenon Holdings LtdN/AUtilitiesElectric Utilities
Company WebsiteKEP Inactive SymbolKorea Electric Power Corporation (ADR)N/AUtilitiesElectric Utilities
Company WebsiteKEX Inactive SymbolKirby CorporationN/AIndustrialsFreight & Logistics
Company WebsiteKEY Inactive SymbolKeyCorpN/AFinancialsBanks
Company WebsiteKEYS Inactive SymbolKeysight Technologies IncN/AIndustrialsIndustrial Machinery & Equipment
Company WebsiteKF Inactive SymbolKorea Fund Inc.N/AFinancialsClosed End Funds
KFH Inactive SymbolKKR Financial Holdings LLC 8.375% Senior Notes due 2041N/AN/AN/A
Company WebsiteKFS Inactive SymbolKingsway Financial Services Inc. (USA)N/AFinancialsProperty & Casualty Insurance
Company WebsiteKFY Inactive SymbolKorn/Ferry InternationalN/AIndustrialsExecutive Search Services
Company WebsiteKGC Inactive SymbolKinross Gold Corporation (USA)N/ABasic MaterialsGold Mining
Company WebsiteKHI Inactive SymbolDeutsche High Income TrustN/AFinancialsClosed End Funds
Company WebsiteKIM Inactive SymbolKimco Realty CorpN/AFinancialsRetail REITs
Company WebsiteKIO Inactive SymbolKKR Income Opportunities FundN/AFinancialsClosed End Funds
Company WebsiteKKR Inactive SymbolKKR & Co. L.P.N/AFinancialsInvestment Management
Company WebsiteKMB Inactive SymbolKimberly Clark CorpN/AConsumer Non-CyclicalSanitary Products
Company WebsiteKMF Inactive SymbolKayne Anderson Midstream Energy Fd, Inc.N/AFinancialsClosed End Funds
Company WebsiteKMG Inactive SymbolKMG Chemicals, Inc.N/ABasic MaterialsSpecialty Chemicals
Company WebsiteKMI Inactive SymbolKinder Morgan IncN/AEnergyOil & Gas Transportation Services
Company WebsiteKMM Inactive SymbolDeutsche Multi-Market Income TrustN/AFinancialsClosed End Funds
Company WebsiteKMPR Inactive SymbolKemper CorpN/AFinancialsMultiline Insurance & Brokers
Company WebsiteKMT Inactive SymbolKennametal Inc.N/AIndustrialsMachine Tools
Company WebsiteKMX Inactive SymbolCarMax, IncN/AConsumer CyclicalNew Car Dealers
Company WebsiteKN Inactive SymbolKnowles CorpN/ATechnologyComputer Hardware & Peripherals
Company WebsiteKND Inactive SymbolKindred Healthcare, Inc.N/AHealthcareHealthcare Facilities & Services
Company WebsiteKNL Inactive SymbolKnoll IncN/AIndustrialsBusiness Support Supplies
Company WebsiteKNOP Inactive SymbolKNOT Offshore Partners LPN/AEnergySea-Borne Tankers
Company WebsiteKNX Inactive SymbolKnight TransportationN/AIndustrialsFreight & Logistics
Company WebsiteKO Inactive SymbolThe Coca-Cola CoN/AConsumer Non-CyclicalNon-Alcoholic Beverages
KODK Inactive SymbolEastman Kodak Company Common NewN/AN/AN/A
Company WebsiteKOF Inactive SymbolCoca-Cola FEMSA, S.A.B. de C.V. (ADR)N/AConsumer Non-CyclicalCarbonated Soft Drinks
Company WebsiteKOP Inactive SymbolKoppers Holdings Inc.N/ABasic MaterialsCommodity Chemicals
Company WebsiteKORS Inactive SymbolMichael Kors Holdings LtdN/AConsumer CyclicalApparel & Accessories
Company WebsiteKOS Inactive SymbolKosmos Energy LtdN/AEnergyOil & Gas Exploration and Production
Company WebsiteKR Inactive SymbolKroger CoN/AConsumer Non-CyclicalFood Retail & Distribution
Company WebsiteKRA Inactive SymbolKraton Performance Polymers IncN/ABasic MaterialsSpecialty Chemicals
Company WebsiteKRC Inactive SymbolKilroy Realty CorpN/AFinancialsCommercial REITs
Company WebsiteKRG Inactive SymbolKite Realty Group TrustN/AFinancialsRetail REITs
Company WebsiteKRO Inactive SymbolKronos Worldwide, Inc.N/ABasic MaterialsSpecialty Chemicals
Company WebsiteKS Inactive SymbolKapStone Paper and Packaging Corp.N/ABasic MaterialsPaper Packaging
Company WebsiteKSM Inactive SymbolDeutsche Strategic Municipal Incom TrustN/AFinancialsClosed End Funds
Company WebsiteKSS Inactive SymbolKohl's CorporationN/AConsumer CyclicalRetail - Department Stores
Company WebsiteKST Inactive SymbolDeutsche Strategic Income TrustN/AFinancialsClosed End Funds
Company WebsiteKSU Inactive SymbolKansas City SouthernN/AIndustrialsFreight & Logistics
Company WebsiteKT Inactive SymbolKT Corp (ADR)N/ATelecommunications ServicesIntegrated Telecommunications Services
Company WebsiteKTF Inactive SymbolDeutsche Municipal Income TrustN/AFinancialsClosed End Funds
KTH Inactive SymbolStructures Products Cp 8% CorTS Issued by Peco Energy Cap Tr II Preferred StockN/AN/AN/A
KTN Inactive SymbolStructured Products Corp 8.205% CorTS 8.205% Corporate Backed Trust Securities (CorTS)N/AN/AN/A
KTP Inactive SymbolCorts 7.625 PfdN/AN/AN/A
Company WebsiteKW Inactive SymbolKennedy-Wilson Holdings IncN/AFinancialsReal Estate Services
Company WebsiteKWR Inactive SymbolQuaker Chemical CorpN/ABasic MaterialsCommodity Chemicals
Company WebsiteKYE Inactive SymbolKayne Anderson Energy Total Return FundN/AFinancialsClosed End Funds
Company WebsiteKYN Inactive SymbolKayne Anderson MLP Investment Co.N/AFinancialsClosed End Funds
Company WebsiteKYO Inactive SymbolKyocera Corp (ADR)N/AIndustrialsElectrical Components & Equipment