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Company list ( = link to the company website, = inactive symbol):

18 Companies

  Symbol  Name  Market Cap  Sector Industry
Company WebsiteX Inactive SymbolUnited States Steel CorporationN/ABasic MaterialsSteel
Company WebsiteXCO Inactive SymbolEXCO Resources IncN/AEnergyOil & Gas Exploration and Production
Company WebsiteXEC Inactive SymbolCimarex Energy CoN/AEnergyOil & Gas Exploration and Production
Company WebsiteXEL Inactive SymbolXcel Energy IncN/AUtilitiesElectric Utilities
Company WebsiteXHR Inactive SymbolXenia Hotels & Resorts IncN/AFinancialsHospitality REITs
Company WebsiteXIN Inactive SymbolXinyuan Real Estate Co., Ltd. (ADR)N/AFinancialsResidential Real Estate
XKE Inactive SymbolLehman ABS Corporation Corporate-Backed Trust Certificates: 7.75% Toys-R-Us Debenture Backed SerN/AN/AN/A
Company WebsiteXL Inactive SymbolXL Group Ltd.N/AN/AN/A
Company WebsiteXNY Inactive SymbolChina Xiniya Fashion Ltd (ADR)N/AConsumer CyclicalApparel & Accessories
Company WebsiteXOM Inactive SymbolExxon Mobil CorporationN/AEnergyOil & Gas Refining and Marketing
Company WebsiteXON Inactive SymbolIntrexon CorpN/AHealthcareBiotechnology & Medical Research
Company WebsiteXOXO Inactive SymbolXO Group IncN/AConsumer Non-CyclicalPersonal Services
Company WebsiteXPO Inactive SymbolXPO Logistics IncN/AIndustrialsFreight & Logistics
Company WebsiteXRM Inactive SymbolXerium Technologies, Inc.N/AConsumer CyclicalTextiles & Leather Goods
Company WebsiteXRS Inactive SymbolTAL Education Group (ADR)N/AConsumer Non-CyclicalGeneral Education Services
Company WebsiteXRX Inactive SymbolXerox CorpN/AIndustrialsBusiness Support Services
Company WebsiteXTLY Inactive SymbolXactly CorpN/ATechnologyEnterprise Software
Company WebsiteXYL Inactive SymbolXylem IncN/AIndustrialsPump & Pumping Equipment