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Company list ( = link to the company website, = inactive symbol):

144 Companies

  Symbol  Name  Market Cap  Sector Industry
Company WebsiteT Inactive SymbolAT&T Inc.N/ATelecommunications ServicesWireless Telecommunications Services
Company WebsiteTAC Inactive SymbolTransAlta Corporation (USA)N/AUtilitiesRenewable Utilities
Company WebsiteTAHO Inactive SymbolTahoe Resources IncN/ABasic MaterialsPrecious Metals & Minerals
Company WebsiteTAP Inactive SymbolMolson Coors Brewing CoN/AConsumer Non-CyclicalBrewers
Company WebsiteTARO Inactive SymbolTaro Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.N/AHealthcarePharmaceuticals
Company WebsiteTBI Inactive SymbolTrueblue IncN/AIndustrialsEmployment Services
Company WebsiteTCAP Inactive SymbolTriangle Capital CorporationN/AFinancialsClosed End Funds
Company WebsiteTCB Inactive SymbolTCF Financial CorporationN/AFinancialsBanks
Company WebsiteTCI Inactive SymbolTranscontinental Realty Investors IncN/AFinancialsReal Estate Development & Operations
Company WebsiteTCK Inactive SymbolTeck Resources Ltd (USA)N/ABasic MaterialsIntegrated Mining
Company WebsiteTCO Inactive SymbolTaubman Centers, Inc.N/AFinancialsRetail REITs
Company WebsiteTCP Inactive SymbolTC Pipelines, LPN/AEnergyNatural Gas
Company WebsiteTCPI Inactive SymbolTCP International Holdings LtdN/AN/AN/A
Company WebsiteTCS Inactive SymbolContainer Store Group IncN/AConsumer CyclicalOther Specialty Retailers
Company WebsiteTD Inactive SymbolToronto-Dominion BankN/AFinancialsBanks
Company WebsiteTDC Inactive SymbolTeradata CorporationN/ATechnologyIT Services & Consulting
TDE Inactive SymbolTelephone and Data Systems, Inc. 6.875% Senior Notes due 2059N/AN/AN/A
Company WebsiteTDF Inactive SymbolTempleton Dragon Fund IncN/AFinancialsClosed End Funds
Company WebsiteTDG Inactive SymbolTransDigm Group IncorporatedN/AIndustrialsAircraft Parts Manufacturing
TDI Inactive SymbolTelephone and Data Systems, Inc. Sr NtN/AN/AN/A
TDJ Inactive SymbolTelephone and Data Systems, Inc. 7% Senior Notes due 2060N/AN/AN/A
Company WebsiteTDOC Inactive SymbolTeladoc IncN/AHealthcareTelemedicine Services
Company WebsiteTDS Inactive SymbolTelephone & Data Systems, Inc.N/ATelecommunications ServicesWireless Telecommunications Services
Company WebsiteTDW Inactive SymbolTidewater Inc.N/AEnergyOil Related Services and Equipment
Company WebsiteTDY Inactive SymbolTeledyne Technologies IncorporatedN/ATechnologyElectronic Equipment & Parts
Company WebsiteTEF Inactive SymbolTelefonica S.A. (ADR)N/ATelecommunications ServicesIntegrated Telecommunications Services
Company WebsiteTEGP Inactive SymbolTallgrass Energy GP LPN/AEnergyOil & Gas Transportation Services
Company WebsiteTEI Inactive SymbolTempleton Emerging Markets Income FundN/AFinancialsClosed End Funds
Company WebsiteTEL Inactive SymbolTE Connectivity LtdN/AIndustrialsElectronic Component
Company WebsiteTEN Inactive SymbolTenneco IncN/AConsumer CyclicalAuto Parts & Accessories
Company WebsiteTEO Inactive SymbolTelecom Argentina SA (ADR)N/ATelecommunications ServicesIntegrated Telecommunications Services
Company WebsiteTEP Inactive SymbolTallgrass Energy Partners LPN/AEnergyOil & Gas Transportation Services
Company WebsiteTER Inactive SymbolTeradyne, Inc.N/ATechnologySemiconductor Equipment & Testing
Company WebsiteTEVA Inactive SymbolTeva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd (ADR)N/AHealthcarePharmaceuticals
Company WebsiteTEX Inactive SymbolTerex CorporationN/AIndustrialsHeavy Machinery & Vehicles
TFG Inactive SymbolFixed Income Trust for Goldman Sachs Subordinated Notes, Series 2011-1N/AN/AN/A
Company WebsiteTFX Inactive SymbolTeleflex IncorporatedN/AHealthcareMedical Supplies
Company WebsiteTG Inactive SymbolTredegar CorporationN/ABasic MaterialsPlastic Container & Packaging
Company WebsiteTGH Inactive SymbolTextainer Group Holdings LimitedN/AFinancialsCorporate Financial Services
Company WebsiteTGI Inactive SymbolTriumph Group IncN/AIndustrialsAerospace & Defense
Company WebsiteTGNA Inactive SymbolTegna IncN/AConsumer CyclicalTelevision Broadcasting
Company WebsiteTGP Inactive SymbolTeekay LNG Partners L.P.N/AEnergyLNG Transportation & Storage
Company WebsiteTGS Inactive SymbolTransportadora de Gas del Sur SA (ADR)N/AEnergyOil & Gas Exploration and Production
Company WebsiteTGT Inactive SymbolTarget CorporationN/AConsumer CyclicalDiscount Stores
Company WebsiteTHC Inactive SymbolTenet Healthcare CorpN/AHealthcareHealthcare Facilities & Services
Company WebsiteTHG Inactive SymbolHanover Insurance Group IncN/AFinancialsProperty & Casualty Insurance
Company WebsiteTHO Inactive SymbolThor Industries, Inc.N/AConsumer CyclicalRecreational Products
Company WebsiteTHQ Inactive SymbolTekla Healthcare Opportunities FundN/AFinancialsClosed End Funds
Company WebsiteTHR Inactive SymbolThermon Group Holdings IncN/AIndustrialsHeating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Systems
Company WebsiteTHS Inactive SymbolTreeHouse Foods Inc.N/AConsumer Non-CyclicalFruit & Vegetable Processing
THW Inactive SymbolTekla World Healthcare Fund Shares of Beneficial InterestN/AN/AN/A
Company WebsiteTI Inactive SymbolTelecom Italia SpA (ADR)N/ATelecommunications ServicesIntegrated Telecommunications Services
Company WebsiteTIER Inactive SymbolTIER REIT IncN/AFinancialsOffice REITs
Company WebsiteTIF Inactive SymbolTiffany & Co.N/AConsumer CyclicalJewelry & Watches
Company WebsiteTIME Inactive SymbolTime IncN/AConsumer CyclicalPublishing
Company WebsiteTISI Inactive SymbolTeam, Inc.N/AIndustrialsMaintenance & Repair Services
TI_A Inactive SymbolTelecom Italia S.P.A. NewN/AN/AN/A
Company WebsiteTJX Inactive SymbolTJX Companies IncN/AConsumer CyclicalDiscount Stores
Company WebsiteTK Inactive SymbolTeekay CorporationN/AEnergySea-Borne Tankers
Company WebsiteTKC Inactive SymbolTurkcell Iletisim Hizmetleri A.S. (ADR)N/ATelecommunications ServicesWireless Telecommunications Services
Company WebsiteTKF Inactive SymbolTurkish Investment Fund IncN/AFinancialsClosed End Funds
Company WebsiteTKR Inactive SymbolTimken CoN/AIndustrialsIndustrial Machinery & Equipment
Company WebsiteTLI Inactive SymbolWestern Asset Corporate Loan Fund IncN/AFinancialsClosed End Funds
Company WebsiteTLK Inactive SymbolTelekomunikasi Indones (Prsr)Tbk PT-ADRN/ATelecommunications ServicesIntegrated Telecommunications Services
Company WebsiteTLLP Inactive SymbolTesoro Logistics LPN/AEnergyOil & Gas Transportation Services
Company WebsiteTLN Inactive SymbolTalen Energy CorpN/AUtilitiesIndependent Power Producers
Company WebsiteTLP Inactive SymbolTransMontaigne Partners L.P.N/AEnergyOil Related Services and Equipment
Company WebsiteTLRD Inactive SymbolTailored Brands IncN/AConsumer CyclicalApparel & Accessories
Company WebsiteTLYS Inactive SymbolTilly's IncN/AConsumer CyclicalApparel & Accessories
Company WebsiteTM Inactive SymbolToyota Motor Corp (ADR)N/AConsumer CyclicalAuto Manufacturers
Company WebsiteTMH Inactive SymbolTeamHealth Holdings IncN/AHealthcareHealthcare Facilities & Services
Company WebsiteTMHC Inactive SymbolTaylor Morrison Home CorpN/AConsumer CyclicalHomebuilding
Company WebsiteTMK Inactive SymbolTorchmark CorporationN/AFinancialsLife & Health Insurance
Company WebsiteTMO Inactive SymbolThermo Fisher Scientific Inc.N/AHealthcareAdvanced Medical Equipment & Technology
Company WebsiteTMST Inactive SymbolTimkensteel CorpN/ABasic MaterialsIron, Steel Mills & Foundries
Company WebsiteTNC Inactive SymbolTennant CompanyN/AIndustrialsIndustrial Machinery & Equipment
Company WebsiteTNET Inactive SymbolTriNet Group IncN/AIndustrialsOutsourcing & Staffing Services
Company WebsiteTNH Inactive SymbolTerra Nitrogen Company, L.P.N/ABasic MaterialsFertilizer
TNK Inactive SymbolTeekay Tankers Ltd.N/AEnergyOil & Gas Transportation Services
Company WebsiteTNP Inactive SymbolTsakos Energy Navigation Ltd.N/AIndustrialsDeep Sea Freight
Company WebsiteTOL Inactive SymbolToll Brothers IncN/AConsumer CyclicalHomebuilding
Company WebsiteTOO Inactive SymbolTeekay Offshore Partners L.P.N/AEnergyOil & Gas Transportation Services
Company WebsiteTOT Inactive SymbolTotal SA (ADR)N/AEnergyIntegrated Oil & Gas
Company WebsiteTOWR Inactive SymbolTower International IncN/AConsumer CyclicalAuto Parts & Accessories
Company WebsiteTPB Inactive SymbolTurning Point Brands IncN/AConsumer Non-CyclicalTobacco
Company WebsiteTPC Inactive SymbolTutor Perini CorpN/AIndustrialsConstruction & Engineering
Company WebsiteTPH Inactive SymbolTRI Pointe Group IncN/AConsumer CyclicalResidential Builders
Company WebsiteTPL Inactive SymbolTexas Pacific Land TrustN/AEnergyOil & Gas Exploration and Production
Company WebsiteTPRE Inactive SymbolThird Point Reinsurance LtdN/AFinancialsProperty & Casualty Reinsurance
Company WebsiteTPVG Inactive SymbolTriplePoint Venture Growth BDC CorpN/AFinancialsClosed End Funds
Company WebsiteTPX Inactive SymbolTempur Sealy International IncN/AConsumer CyclicalFurniture
Company WebsiteTPZ Inactive SymbolTortoise Power & Energy Infrstrct Fd IncN/AFinancialsClosed End Funds
Company WebsiteTR Inactive SymbolTootsie Roll Industries, Inc.N/AConsumer Non-CyclicalChocolate & Confectionery
Company WebsiteTRC Inactive SymbolTejon Ranch CompanyN/AFinancialsReal Estate Development & Operations
Company WebsiteTRCO Inactive SymbolTribune Media CoN/AConsumer CyclicalBroadcasting
Company WebsiteTREC Inactive SymbolTrecora ResourcesN/ABasic MaterialsIron Ore Mining
Company WebsiteTREX Inactive SymbolTrex Company, Inc.N/AConsumer CyclicalConstruction Supplies & Fixtures
Company WebsiteTRGP Inactive SymbolTarga Resources CorpN/AEnergyOil & Gas Transportation Services
Company WebsiteTRI Inactive SymbolThomson Reuters CorpN/AIndustrialsProfessional Information Services
Company WebsiteTRK Inactive SymbolSpeedway Motorsports, Inc.N/AConsumer CyclicalProfessional Sports Venues
Company WebsiteTRMR Inactive SymbolTremor Video IncN/AConsumer CyclicalAdvertising & Marketing
Company WebsiteTRN Inactive SymbolTrinity Industries IncN/AIndustrialsIndustrial Conglomerates
Company WebsiteTRNO Inactive SymbolTerreno Realty CorporationN/AFinancialsIndustrial REITs
TROX Inactive SymbolTronox LtdN/AN/AN/A
Company WebsiteTRP Inactive SymbolTransCanada Corporation (USA)N/AEnergyOil & Gas Transportation Services
Company WebsiteTRQ Inactive SymbolTurquoise Hill Resources LtdN/ABasic MaterialsIntegrated Mining
Company WebsiteTRR Inactive SymbolTRC Companies, Inc.N/AIndustrialsManagement Consulting Services
TRTN Inactive SymbolTriton International LimitedN/AN/AN/A
Company WebsiteTRU Inactive SymbolTransUnionN/AIndustrialsProfessional Information Services
Company WebsiteTRV Inactive SymbolTravelers Companies IncN/AFinancialsProperty & Casualty Insurance
Company WebsiteTS Inactive SymbolTenaris SA (ADR)N/AEnergyOil Related Services and Equipment
Company WebsiteTSE Inactive SymbolTrinseo S.A.N/ABasic MaterialsSpecialty Chemicals
Company WebsiteTSI Inactive SymbolTCW Strategic Income Fund Inc.N/AFinancialsClosed End Funds
Company WebsiteTSL Inactive SymbolTrina Solar Limited (ADR)N/AEnergyRenewable Energy Equipment & Services
TSLF Inactive SymbolTHL Credit Senior Loan FundN/AFinancialsClosed End Funds
Company WebsiteTSLX Inactive SymbolTPG Specialty Lending IncN/AFinancialsClosed End Funds
Company WebsiteTSM Inactive SymbolTaiwan Semiconductor Mfg. Co. Ltd. (ADR)N/ATechnologySemiconductors
Company WebsiteTSN Inactive SymbolTyson Foods, Inc.N/AConsumer Non-CyclicalAnimal Slaughtering & Processing
TSNU Inactive SymbolTyson Foods, Inc. Tangible Equity Unit 1 Prepaid Stock Purchase Contact & 1 Sr (Amortorizing NT)N/AN/AN/A
Company WebsiteTSO Inactive SymbolTesoro CorporationN/AEnergyOil & Gas Refining and Marketing
Company WebsiteTSQ Inactive SymbolTownsquare Media IncN/AConsumer CyclicalRadio Broadcasting
Company WebsiteTSS Inactive SymbolTotal System Services, Inc.N/ATechnologyIT Services & Consulting
Company WebsiteTSU Inactive SymbolTIM Participacoes SA (ADR)N/ATelecommunications ServicesWireless Telecommunications Services
Company WebsiteTTC Inactive SymbolToro CoN/AIndustrialsAgricultural Machinery
Company WebsiteTTF Inactive SymbolThai Fund Inc.N/AFinancialsClosed End Funds
Company WebsiteTTI Inactive SymbolTETRA Technologies, Inc.N/AEnergyOil Related Services and Equipment
Company WebsiteTTM Inactive SymbolTata Motors Limited (ADR)N/AConsumer CyclicalAuto Manufacturers
Company WebsiteTTP Inactive SymbolTortoise Pipeline and Energy Fund IncN/AFinancialsInvestment Trusts
Company WebsiteTU Inactive SymbolTELUS Corporation (USA)N/ATelecommunications ServicesIntegrated Telecommunications Services
Company WebsiteTUP Inactive SymbolTupperware Brands CorporationN/AConsumer CyclicalAppliances, Tools & Housewares
Company WebsiteTV Inactive SymbolGrupo Televisa SAB (ADR)N/AConsumer CyclicalBroadcasting
Company WebsiteTVPT Inactive SymbolTravelport Worldwide LtdN/AConsumer CyclicalTravel Agents
Company WebsiteTWI Inactive SymbolTitan International IncN/AConsumer CyclicalMotorcycles & Scooters
Company WebsiteTWLO Inactive SymbolTwilio IncN/ATechnologySoftware
Company WebsiteTWN Inactive SymbolTaiwan Fund Inc. (The)N/AFinancialsClosed End Funds
Company WebsiteTWO Inactive SymbolTwo Harbors Investment CorpN/AFinancialsResidential REITs
Company WebsiteTWTR Inactive SymbolTwitter IncN/ATechnologySocial Media & Networking
Company WebsiteTWX Inactive SymbolTime Warner IncN/AConsumer CyclicalMovie, TV Production & Distribution
Company WebsiteTX Inactive SymbolTernium SA (ADR)N/ABasic MaterialsIron, Steel Mills & Foundries
Company WebsiteTXT Inactive SymbolTextron Inc.N/AIndustrialsCommercial Aircraft Manufacturing
Company WebsiteTY Inactive SymbolTri-Continental CorporationN/AFinancialsClosed End Funds
TYC Inactive SymbolTyco International plc (Ireland) Ordinary ShareN/AN/AN/A
Company WebsiteTYG Inactive SymbolTortoise Energy Infrastructure Corp.N/AFinancialsClosed End Funds
Company WebsiteTYL Inactive SymbolTyler Technologies, Inc.N/ATechnologySoftware